Friday, 10 October 2014

A Busy Week In Pictures

Cross Stitch Christmas Fabric - love that!

New Xmas bundle in store inspired by my Christmas Patchwork Quilt colourway

The weeks are whizzing by in a warm blur of fabricy, sewingy loveliness at the moment.  This week was such a fun week. We started with our Simple Sampler Reunion and ended it with a complete fabric move around, caused by the creative buzz of some new ( shh ...Christmas) fabric and the urge to create a 'autumn' fabric display for anyone else feeling that nights-drawing-in fabric fug?

New rayon and voiles for dressmaking, scarves and more!


Lots of new things to tell you about........we've just ordered an exciting range of Cotton + Steel fabrics which I'm super excited about receiving - not least because I love a bit of collaborative sisterhood in the craft world and these ladies are leading from the front. Oooh - and also their fabric is fabulous! You know I can't resist a pony print ( ooh and there are also cats of course, no dogs or chickens mind you!)
Cotton +Steel Mustang - ponies and gold! fab x

We have Christmas gift vouchers arriving next week so if you're organised enough to be dropping hints about Santa's delivery already and you fancy some guilt free fabric stashing next year ( so much lovely new fabric arriving in Jan you know!)) then add us to your list.
New Mini Bunting joy!

Next week the lovely Jenny will be in residence at Therapy Thursday from 10am - 2pm ( we are all booked up from midday onwards but there are some spaces in the morning) so if you have a quilt nearing completion that you'd like to whisk off to the quilting fairy to finish then book a slot asap. Your quilt doesn't need to be finished - you can book it in in advance and then drop it off later when it's ready to be quilted. Nothing is nicer than picking up a finished quilt from Jenny! It's my definition of luxury!

Table runners and place mats classes  - spaces

Retro Pinny Class - 2 spaces

Hot water bottle coveres

If you'd like to take a Christmas Class in Nov/Dec do book now as spaces are filling up quickly now the weather has turned chilly. Lots of classes are over subscribed already so we will be offering some additional dates in the evening for those of you who can't make the daytime classes.

Infinity Scarf Class - extra date 28th Oct 8pm

We will be running the sold out in a blink of an eye Scarf class in the evening additionally on 28th Oct 8pm at St Anne's in a corner of the Bee so drop me an e mail for more details if you'd like to join that class. We will also be offering the equally over subscribed Christmas Wreath class at the Nov Bee on 18th Nov 8pm, again book in advance.

Christmas Felt Wreath - Nov 18th 8pm. Extra date.

We'll be at Buckland Village Hall next Saturday 18th Dec for our Retreat Day ( sorry sold out and then some, but Feb dates to come soon) so the shop will be closed.

Anyway, I've got the log burner blazing and a glass of wine and two long borders of EPP edging to appliqué so I'm going to leave you with some more pictures of The PlainStitch week.....enjoy it as much as we have!


Modern Applique


Emmy Grace Phone cover - wanties!