Friday, 5 September 2014

Retreat Day - Sat Oct 18th

Ooh it's such a lovely thought.....Retreat Day is back on the horizon!

Twice a year we PlainStitch Ladies pack our bags on a Saturday and hole up for the day at the lovely Buckland Village Hall.We love it there. It's a Victorian hall with soaring ceilings and long leaded glass windows that let the light dapple through. It's in a beautiful timeless sleepy no-through-road village near by where The Workroom is based - but it's far enough away that your real life just slips away for a few hours.

We all bring twice as much luggage as we can really carry, with twice as much sewing as we could ever hope to get through in a day - but hope springs eternal.

We all set up, there's much laughter and cooing at everyone's fabric and planned sewing. Sometimes a brand new project for someone to get stuck into. Sometimes a long worked on project that needs a concerted effort to get finished. Always fascinating to everyone else!

There's huge quantities of tea. So much chat. Bustle. Then quiet concentrated work. Machines humm. Low chatter. Offers of a cuppa. The soft light filters in through the windows ( its always sunny despite being Feb or Oct when we come). We're always astonished when lunchtime comes around. Always a feast. Then a long afternoon of work, un-interrupted by families needing feeding, dogs needing walking and phones to answer. Lunch is catered for us, always super delicious - such a treat not to cook!

Do contact us if you'd like to come along too, we'd love to have you. It's £35.00 for the 9 hour stretch including your lunch and all the tea and coffee you can drink! Drop Helen an e mail if you'd like to join us.