Monday, 25 August 2014

Introducing Miss Stitch's Sewing Academy

I'm so pleased to announce our newest schedule of classes for the smaller sewing people.  Miss Stitch's Sewing Academy is a sewing club for Key Stage 2 children (school years 3 to 6). We will run classes every month on a Saturday morning at The PlainStitch Workroom.

Miss Stitch is our very lovely and talented Victoria Main who is both a mum and a sewing teacher and has lots of experience teaching children to sew.  She will be working with the children to make beautiful, useful items each week. Visit Victoria's blog to see more of her very lovely tasteful work - no neon acrylic felt craft to be seen!

We pride ourselves on being a proper Sewing School. They'll be using needle and thread, scissors and marking pens,sewing machines and stitch unpickers. They'll learn how to make a pattern, follow a pattern, cut out pattern pieces, pin accurately, sew running stitches, back stitches, decorative stitches. We will use glue guns and sewing machines. We'll sew on buttons, add trims, embroider and fill. We'll make all sorts from hair bands and bobbles to mothers day presents. We'll make useful thing, seasonally themed. The kids learn to be confident with colour, to be imaginative, to trust that they can make real their imaginations in fabric, felt and buttons. 

At Miss Stitch's Sewing Academy no idea is a bad idea. We love creativity. Our kids will work hard on their sewing to make beautiful things they're proud of. Sometimes our sewing might go a bit wrong -but we'll also learn how to put it right. By their graduation next summer we would expect the children to be able and confident to make their own simple patterns and execute them independently. However as well as developing their technical skills we hope to inspire their sewing imaginations. When they start to feel that they could MAKE anything they want, the doors of imagination blow open and we can't wait to see what they start making next!

We keep our classes small so that we can give lots of help and instruction. Therefore there will be a limited number of club memberships available each year. When you join the club you will receive your own Miss Stitch Academy sewing kit.

 All other supplies are included in the class fee. Classes will be on one Saturday morning a month 10.30am - 12.30pm at The PlainStitch Workroom. You can book whichever classes you prefer, and that work with your family schedule throughout the year.

To join The Miss Stitch Academy or for more details please e mail to receive our Information Sheet with the full list of classes and Booking Form.