Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Making Pillowcases

I love teaching our summer holiday kids classes. I get to hang out with my biggest Girl who teaches the class alongside me, she's 11 and has a serious amount more credo with the girls than me, you know!

These classes are always such a blast.

Often times the girls have never sewn on a machine before. No probs. Foot down and away they go. The confidence of youth. How hard can it be when, you know, you've spent the morning building a whole new world on minecraft? (!). They just don't sweat it like we grown ups do. They figure that they'll be fine and they are. We should all Think More Kid now and again don't you think?

We had a laugh, some cake, and some serious frowny concentrating faces and two hours later we had a pile of delicious pillows ready to be taken home, chucked on the bed and flumphed into for a bit of cool afternoon summer holiday book reading..........what could be nicer? New bed linen and a good book?

If the sewing is anything to go by these girls will be nonchalantly running the world in a few years time and I don't know about you, but that makes me feel very happy. Well done girls, sleep tight on those pillows. There's just a bit more growing up to do first ................x