Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Heather Ross Far Far Away Now At The Workroom

Any long term blog readers will know that I LOVE Heather Ross fabric! This makes this a very exciting week as a Heather Ross classic line Far Far Away is being re-released and our fabric is on its way as we speak. **Edited : It's here!**

My Heather Ross fabric obsession started way back when, when Heather Ross designed fabric to make kids Pajamas through her company Munki Munki in the US. I'm pretty sure that was about 2005/2006. I started collecting bits of PJs. I know that sounds strange but at that stage there was a brisk market on ebay of 'pieces' of pjama. The listing would literally be 'left arm of size 5-6 age pjama top'! 

 All of these precious pieces of fabric I horded until my smallest little one was born and then i decided it was time to break into the stash. I made this quilt which remains on her bed today and is probably one of my all time favourite quilts. We have made up stories about every little fabric picture on this quilt. Its indelibly linked to my kids world. Having just read Heather Ross's How To Catch a Frog book on hols I treasure this quilt and what it means to us all the more.

 I still have some little bits of this stashed and broke into it recently to make this wonky log cabin -also a favourite!

 When little Miss Stitch got a bit bigger I just had to have this Heather Ross Pony Girl fabric and made this Pony Girl Quilt for my little Pony Girl. The little blond one will always be her. This fabric is from Heather Ross when she designed for Kokka - her first real foray into quilting fabric - but on a linen blend - like the original Far Far Away.

 Last year Heather Ross came back to Windham Fabrics - a stalwart of the quilting world and started designing new ranges. This Briar Rose range was just perfect. I loved making this quilt.

Of course I have bought EVERY fabric that Heather has ever designed, literally EVERY one! This is the original Far Far and Away - from Kokka on a linen blend and in these lovely soft yellows and blues. My little girl has this quilt in her bedroom in her book corner and I also made a Roman blind to match. Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel and The Owl and the Pussy Cat. This was Far Far Away II - I do hope they reissue this too eventually!

Lastly the original Far Far and Away - re released this week and available in The Workroom this week. Originally it was a blush apricot colour when I made this quilt for the big Miss Stitch.

 This time it's been re released in a rosier pink. I think it's going to be so popular. A Princess and a Pea, Unicorns and Frogs - whats not to like?

 The fabric is the buttery soft premium cotton of Briar Rose so it quilts up beautifully but also makes lovely clothing, like this Briar Rose dress. Finally who could resist a little Heather Ross Granny Bag? The knowledge of the re - release was enough to persuade me to break into the stash again and use this bit of Snow White and the 7 Dwarf original Far Far Away last month for a granny bag.

Pop in to The Workroom and grab some of this modern classic while we have it. It's a fabric classic and will always be in demand - stash some away if you've no little people to make anything for at the moment - or just indulge that inner Princess and make yourself something. I can't wait to start to sew! Watch our FaceBook page to see some pics when we get it unpacked!