Monday, 21 July 2014

Granny Bags!!!!!! The joy!

Friday and Saturday were two of the hottest days of the year so far this year here in the UK but in The Workroom it was Granny Bags that were roasting hot! This class sold out in a week when we announced it in June and it's been hotly anticipated for the 6 weeks since we opened booking.

You know by now that I love a Granny Bag?

I've been so excited about these classes. People who don't perhaps know about my secret sewing life have been asking me all week - 'Oh it's such a downer when you get home from holiday?' and I'm, like, 'Oh no it's fine, I'm making Granny Bags all weekend!' and they're, like...'Oooo-kay' back slowly away from the crazy laydee!!!!!

Look what my fab classes made will you? Did you ever see a finer selection of crafty fabulousness in all your life? ( so sorry - I took literally no pictures it was so busy and buzzy - send me your own pics ladies and show off your lovely bag!)

Tell me that you can go on without a Granny Bag of your own?! You see? I'm not the only one - these Granny bags were LOVED by their proud owners. If you know a nice lady who was coming on this class, and she's told you that she's making YOU a gift...I have sad news. They WILL NOT want to give these away! Some craft is too special to gift!

If you can't live without a Granny Bag ( It's OK to admit that here - we all understand!) then the good news is that we are running another class on Thurs 11th Sept from 10am - 1pm ( and another Pop Up Vintage Purse class on Sat 13th 10.30pm - 1pm) so book quick before the places all go, they are already busy with peeps who missed out in the first lightening quick sell out.

Remember, if you see someone skipping jauntily along the road swinging a Granny Bag this week, just smile at them and wink - they'll know you're 'one of us'