Wednesday, 16 July 2014

A Sewing Postcard From Kephalonia

I've just returned from a very relaxing little jaunt to Kephalonia with my family. There was a smidgen of sewing squeezed in between the swimming,  lounging,  laughing, splashing about, BBQing,  reading and generally relaxing and watching the amazing view change through the day. I made so much progress on my Summer EPP that I ran out of Freezer Paper which was a real problem. Luckily last week I couldn't resist cutting into my Emmy Grace fabrics and squeezing them into the  bulging suitcase as we left. This meant I could get started on my Double Wedding Ring Magnum Opus Quilt instead. OOh I do love it so - but it is going to be SLOW GOING! You all know I am a fan of the slow quilting movement, but this is def an all-in project! I'll show you my progress when I've unpacked later this week. It's fab, but its SLOW, slow I tell you!

I read some fab books - Heather Ross's haunting How To Catch a Frog was fabulous - have you read it yet? I also read Emma Bridgewaters book about the roots of her creative journey, in a similar but very different vein. I was actually surprised by the similarities, despite the differences in their backgrounds and fabric v's pots futures. I'd def recommend them both. Anyway, I'm now champing at the bit to get back into the Workrroom and see all this lovely new fabric that Helen has been blogging about! I hope you left me some? See you there x