Monday, 23 June 2014

Patchwork Cushions

Jeanne, our dressmaking tutor, popped in to The Workroom at the end of last week with a very exciting package. You might remember me working on these quilted panels a few weeks ago.

I was feeling kind of left out as I didn't have a Modern Applique project to do alongside my class this time ( I've made 3 versions of this quilt already!). Therefore I decided that my Ode To Orla block from Modern Applique would make a perfect hand appliqued and hand quilted cushion. I also made a machine pieced ChurnDash cushion and am still working on an EPP version to match these ones and make the trio. They were pieced, hand quilted, then bundled off to super-upholstery sewer Jeanne who made them up into Lapped Zip Cushion Covers as examples for the class we are running this autumn.

They came back last week and aren't they fab? I LOVE quilted cushions. They are such a fun way to try out a new technique or return to a favourite pattern. Plus, everyone  can always find a place for a new cushion, no? This class is part creative exploration with me working on quilted fronts, then part technical know-how with Jeanne learning howto insert a lapped zip and finish your cushion like a professional. We already have some gorgeous colourful zips at the workroom, all ready for the class. Come and have a rummage in these tempting jars!

I'm planning to work on some Christmas Quilted Cushions this autumn along with the class - I love the idea of Christmas Decorations that just fit in with your usual life rather than cover every usable surface! Knowing how to fit a lapped zip is such a useful technique to have up your sleeve as cushions are a fail safe pressie idea in the run up to Xmas. I also have a list of ideas as long as your arm of blocks and techniques I'd like to try in cushion size.

We have a morning and evening class option for this in the autumn, its 3 classes, so short, sweet and do-able and you end up with fabulous new cushions at the end of it - perfection!