Saturday, 17 May 2014

Pin Cushions, Purses, Pinnys and Lotus Ponds

The sun is shining and I'm having so much fun working on class samples for some little pop up classes we're planning to sprinkle our schedule with over the next few months. We fancied some quick fun sewing for the summer and thought we'd share the love by offering some little one off classes that we'll put on whenever we can find a schedule gap at The Workroom.

 You know by now that I definitely suffer sewing obsessions. When I find a project I love I sort of do it to death! The Lampshades was definitely an obsession. 

Then the fabric baskets. Oh dear, just thinking about the previous obsessions starts me wanting to make more! (ps we now have 30cm lampshade kits back in stock and we're stocking a lovely, slightly lighterweight basket interfacing if your sewing machine prefers not to break a sweat on those handles!). Every time I wonder if it's just me that is a bit mad, I run a class and watch the obsession spread! Baskets went massive, I kid you not! ( Baskets class and Lampshades Classes running in June and July are full but there's new day time and evening dates in the autumn)

 It's actually been a little while since my pin cushion obsession began - but it's really been since I owned this lovely basket at The Workroom that it's really spilled over! There's a need to fill that lovely baskets with pincushions and I am happy to fill that need!

We thought we'd kick off with a Pop Up Pin Cushion MakeAlong. It'll be a short and sweet morning at the workroom on Friday 13th June, 10am - 12pm. Come along with scraps of treasured favourite fabric, buttons trim, ribbon, felt - I've got the wool balls - and lets play! Details on the Classes page.

I'm also having a little bit of a new pash on fabric purses.

They are ridiculously easy to make and why so expensive to buy, but imagine if you could make your own? Any colour you wanted? Any fabric you choose? Patchwork purse? You know I'm all over it! Purses every which way! I'm waiting on purse frames to ship (i'm so fussy about these - I only love these simple vintage bronze ones) so as soon as they arrive we'll just announce a pop up purse class too. Helen has a page of interested names, so drop her a note if you want to be added.

Lastly I'm LOVING working on a pinny class. I do love a nice pinny - it's one of life's small pleasures! The more 1950's housewife the better as far as I am concerned. So I matched my nails to the fabric for the front of my pinny ( don't judge me - I get a colour on the brain). I'm trying out a new pattern for a class that will also probably just pop up when i'm happy with the pattern - watch this space!

OOhh I I must just mention that we have very exciting new fabric arriving at The Workroom on Monday - Rae Hoekstras new Lotus Pond range - It's going STRAIGHT in my summer EPP project so if you want some before I use it all, hot foot it to the Workroom next week, we're open Tuesday 9.30am - 2pm and 7.30 - 9.30pm and Thurs and Fri 9.30pm - 2pm.

Last but not least check out the Wendover Sewing Bee Blog page for details of our Great Fabric Swap Shop in June. Come prepared with fabric to swap and a healthy respect for your fellow swappers, gloves off, lets swap!