Sunday, 6 April 2014

The Arendelle Quilt

...........let it go.......let it go..........I can't hold it back any more.....

.......we are DEEPLY into the new Disney Frozen film this week after it's UK DVD release last Monday. We've all been stricken with the kind of cold that makes you want to get under a quilt on the sofa and escape into some Disney magic. This has been just up my street and the kids this week as I love a bit of Scandi chic, and throw in a bit of feminist(ish) princess action and that's perfect cold and flu medicine for us all!

I've now seen this film 4 times in a week as the cold bug has worked it's way through the whole family. One scene has kind of got inside my head. When Ana is knocking on her sister Elsas door (do you wanna build a snowman?), those scandi motifs have been haunting me, I had to make them in fabric. For ages I've wanted to make a modern scandi style quilt that would work for Christmas. I love the idea of specific Christmas quilts, but I never really like the fabric lines that get released for Christmas, i'm just not that into dancing elves etc. I know I want it to be red and blue and white, with some modern yellow thrown in. I've been sketching out a plan for this quilt, working with Miss Stitch on ideas, it's been bubbling away at the back of my mind for a few months now, and what with all the work associated with the new Workroom, my own creative output has been a bit..well......frozen too!

I've really not been making enough over the last few weeks. As a blog reader I get a bit frustrated with those blogs that are written by people who obviously just want to sell stuff or plug sponsors, but clearly don't make hardly anything themselves - I feel kind of cheated by them. I'd hate this blog to turn into that. I can't really live without making - its something I have to do. Now that the first dust has settled on The Workroom ( except, oops, did I mention we're expanding over Easter? More on that next post!) I'm really enjoying being back at my little desk, playing with fabric and ideas, where I belong!