Friday, 25 April 2014

Arendelle Quilt WIP

Yuk its a grey and rainy day here in the Chilterns today. One of my favourite things about being a quilter is that it even means that bad weather can have a silver lining.  You know how, sometimes, bad weather gives you permission to just get on with a project that's been worrying away at the edges of your busy life?  This is a WIP that I am LOVING ( so when you read that word in your head picture me singing it with little heavenly birds singing around my head cartoon style!) that's how much i'm loving it! Really, I am.) Do you have the same weird thing? You love a project so you don't want it to end and you really want to enjoy the process .... but at the same time you just can't wait to see it finished so you just want to GET ON WITH IT! I'll let you know how I get on - its rain forecast all weekend you know!.....

Today I taught one of my favourite classes - Farmer Wife Quilt-along. This is another one of those projects that leaves you just a little bit bereft when you finish it. We are in month 7 of 9 at the moment (this months blocks above) and it's just so exciting. We are on the cusp of starting to sash the blocks together, sashing fabrics are being trialed and cut out. Our little blocks are about to get their moment to turn into a magnificent swan of a quilt for each person. It's such a fab stage of the making process. Really, it's enough to get you leaping out of bed in the morning, even on a day like today!