Friday, 14 March 2014

The Workroom - Come in and have a look around, why dontcha?

This is a little post for my lovely sewing friends who aren't near enough to come and pop into the Workroom on Market Day here in our little village of Wendover in the Chiltern Hills.

 I have lots of lovely peeps who share our sewing from all over the world and I've had lots of requests for a proper nosey look around the Workroom now we're open for business.

Some of you live a long way away, or nearby but busy busy, or are busy off, you know, giving birth and so forth ( hope baby makes an appearance soon Midlands friend!), or living the dream in Somerset ( we miss you!) ...anyway here is my little tour around our lovely Sewing Home!

This is the little archway door in a lovely old characterful wall, in Back Street in Wendover. The gate is brown at the moment, but it's soon to be turned blue to match the front door which is in the middle of being painted at the moment. We are very excited about this as it will allow us to describe ourselves as 'through the shiny blue archway gate in the old brick wall' how lovely a description is that?! Anyway, until it's blue you can just look out for our little sign which looks like this......

When you push open the gate you come into our little hidden courtyard. We are really quite giddy about the prospect of summer and outdoor sewing here, hidden away in the heart of the village  behind the busy High Street - yummy indulgence!

We are awaiting very grown up iron railings for our very wonderful stone steps. Don't they make you feel just a little bit Jane Austen-ish when you arrive with your sewing?

Anyway, if you've resisted the urge to have a little sit in the sun, do ring our bell and come in and up the stairs and into our sunny Workroom, here's our little free motion embroidery wreath on the door. ( We're having a new bell fitted this weekend - the current one is very faint so feel free to knock too just to make sure!). My attempts at free motion embroidery are a little bit spidery, but we have a fabulous class lined up for the autumn run by a very talented local lady who can literally draw with her sewing machine and she'll be teaching us all how to do that too... more details coming soon.

 So, welcome, come in, have a look around.......

This is our ironing station. Isn't it fab? It's right next to the big sash window so you can watch the world go by on the High Street as you press your blocks - lovely! Oh and have a sneaky jelly baby from the supplies cart underneath to keep the sugar levels up!

So this is our Workroom. Lots of quilts, lovely fabric, patterns, lots and lots of fat quarters - we pride ourselves on having oodles of them pre cut so it's easy to mix and match your fabric choices when you come to a class. We love fabrics strewn across the table, try them out! It's bright and light in the Workroom so easy to get a true 'read' of fabric colours - there's nothing worse than trying to buy fabric in gloom, the colours look so different.

That's my pin cushion basket in the middle of the table, i'm adding a new pin cushion just about every week at the moment! It's a way to stop myself trying to make a full quilt of every fabric bundle that one of my customers pulls for their project that gives me the 'wanties'!

We make our own lampshades, so much fabric fun, we have a class on Fri 4th April 10am to learn how if you'd like to make your own.

Our super comfy chairs are vintage Ercol. We  are based less than 5 miles away from the Ercol factory. We love where we live and we love local, so we're proud use these vintage examples of the rich crafts tradition here in the Chilterns.

This is our peg board shop of notions. I love a peg board - it reminds me of my Grandads garage with all of his carpentry tools neatly lined up on a peg board ready to create.

We have lots of fab fabrics and we're adding to our shelves every week. We're really picky about the fabrics we choose, we try and edit to suit our customers, we go for prints that really work hard for you in a design.

We hope you enjoyed a little wander around. Do pop in if you're local, have a rummage, look at the quilts, come and talk sewing, we love visitors, we are open this Saturday 9.30am - 3pm, and every Thursday morning 9.30am - 2pm or drop us an e mail and pop in one day when we are there working on new class projects. Thanks for coming by x