Monday, 3 February 2014

Mums & Daughters Sewing Class

I had the loveliest weekend sewing with my girls. We've been working on a special secret project. Those of you who know my girls, know that my oldest Miss Stitch is a dab hand with the sewing machine already and super creative, and Little Miss Stitch is chomping at the bit to catch her up!

My Big Miss Stitch is 10 and has been sewing since she was really little, as you can't really avoid it in a house like mine ( her bear is always well turned out in an appropriate outfit!). However the last couple of years at school suddenly her friends have all started to take an interest in making things too - sewing got cool! Lots of them had sewing machines for Christmas, or are getting to use their mums, but we keep hearing from mums and daughters that they'd like a class together to get their girls up and sewing safely.

We've been brainstorming which project would be best suited to a bit of basic sewing machine tuition, but still passed the 10 year old 'cool' test ( no 'lame' sewing here!) in terms of what was made.

Miss Stitch has been working on a fantastic project this weekend. Which she has worked out a pattern for and planned all herself - and I think it's fabulous! I shall be appearing only as her assistant I think! It uses a half metre of fabric plus a contrasting fat quarter and is just perfect in how it comes together.

We will be jointly running a Mum & Daughters Pillowcase Class on the first Tuesday morning of the Easter school holidays from 10am til 12pm at St Anne's Hall in Wendover.

We will be making these fun fresh envelope closure pillowcases. The class will be for girls ( or boys - it's just my son declined to be involved publicly in this one! Not Cool!) aged 8+ accompanied an adult. It can be Mum, Dad, Auntie, Godmother, Gran or even Big Sister if over 18.

The class will be part basic tuition on how to use a machine safely whilst making the pillowcase so you get to go home with something fab for your room, that your practical mum will approve of too!

Drop me an e mail if you'd like to book a place, I anticipate this will sell out quickly!

ps all those pillows on her bed were too tempting for Little Miss Stitch to resist!