Thursday, 16 January 2014

Pony Girl (Log Cabin as Picture Frames) Quilt

It's proper horrid outside today, so this final finish in my Log Cabin series for my class next week will have to get it's Ta Dah moment in the same pose as last weeks finish! Miff the cat definitely has the right idea, curled up in a warm armchair. Hope you can do the same. The print in the middle of these squares is a Heather Ross print on a heavier linen background. I loved the picture, but struggled with what to do with peaches and browns for a while. This scrappy picture frames quilt uses up lots of strip scraps I had, left over bindings and such. I used scraps, but with a tight colour rule of grey, brown, yellow orange or red. It's a fun block to put together and a great way of using up bits and bobs of fabric if you're planning a fabric shelf spring clean! Just cut up any scraps into 2.5inch strips ( which is my chosen binding width so it makes your scraps multi useful) and keep them together in a box, and you'll always have the right scraps to reach for!