Monday, 27 January 2014

Fabric Baskets


I have been busy making samples for my up coming Fabric Baskets class ( March 14th 10am-1pm at St Annes in the daytime and March 25th 7.30-10pm at Buckland Village Hall in the evening). It's been a bit of a fabric basket factory at my house for the last few weeks working through my pattern and trying out a whole lot of different interfacing to make my baskets the right combination of bendy but rigid.

I'm picky. I have the perfect consistency in mind but finding the right product to achieve it has been an adventure, I now own a lot of different interfacing. The upside being that I now also have a lot of different fabric baskets, from firm to floppy and all in between!

Interfacing is one of those areas that baffles lots of people - and its not surprising why. It's strangely labelled, the different brands don't use the same language to describe their products, its just not consumer friendly. The good news is that I think I've found the perfect consistency in a product that's also easy to work with. I'm excited about this class, it's my favourite combination of a really practical sewing project, but at the same time it's a fab fun use of some of those long horded fabrics in your stash.

Plus, who doesn't need more storage in their life? Here's just a few of the places mine are destined for

Use them to store fabric for different projects in progress. Plus it's the perfect home for those fabric piles that are still 'in development'! I love to just play with fabric colours and make little piles of loveliness that may or may not make it into a finished quilt.
Use them for kids bits and bobs (Sylvannian Families? Lego? Hexbugs? Hair bands? ),
For prettying up the inevitable technology stuff that seems to spread over every work surface in my kitchen! ( Phone chargers? Nintendo DS games and chargers?)
In the bathroom for spare toiletries etc
In the hall for gloves and mittens in this cold snap( i'm considering one basket per child to cut down on the inevitable morning hallway congestion/conflict!)

Humm, is it possible I still don't have enough baskets for all of these planned uses? I think I may have to run up a few more of these before school pickup time!