Monday, 25 November 2013

English Paper Piecing Sample Quilt Finished ( almost!)

Phew! This quilt has been a LOT of EPP! I have an actual sore finger from sewing all those background bits together! I love the phog below as it shows just how much hexy fun goes into this block.

Making the stars whizzed by, but I won't lie, sewing all of the linking pieces was a bit of a chore by the end, I should have added them as I went along, but I am so happy with it now it's all come together. I almost never use purple but I have been really enjoying this pretty, but not too saccharine, bold pink and purple combo. 

I can't wait to start hand quilting this one as its made up of so many fab shapes to use the hand quilting to enhance. Sadly there is a very large pile of hand quilting ahead of this one, but if it stays this cold I shall start getting through them in front of the fire in the evenings. Only one paper piecing sample left to finish up piecing now ready for my class next May. I am so in love with this technique, it's always been one of my favourites and I can't wait to share some fun patterns with my class next year. We start the workshop in May which is the perfect time of year for EPP as its my summer hols project of choice due to its portability. If you'd like an easy, portable summer sewing project, check out the details here.