Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Briar Rose Honeycomb Quilt Plan

 I am feeling so super lucky. I am the proud owner of a preview fat quarter bundle of Heather Ross's much anticipated Briar Rose collection! AGGHHH! It's too exciting. You can tell how exciting it is as I couldn't even wait to take nice pics of the fabric outside - this shot is 5 seconds before I started chopping into it!

I've been ruminating on the perfect project for this lovely fabric ever since I saw the preview info. It's no surprise to anyone who follows this blog that I love Heather Ross almost as much as I love hexagons and english paper piecing. It's the perfect summer project as the pieces can be sewn anywhere. Given that I spend most of my summer sitting on the boundary at a cricket match or sitting watching my kids thunder past on horseback I figured this was for me! I make up the pieces in advance. I don't baste. I iron on freezer paper and then use basting glue to secure the backs. This makes a super durable template that will survive the rigours of my handbag for weeks on end. My plan is to run an English paper piecing class next summer so this is a great try out of my planned pattern.

I've been flexing my maths brain for this project, drafting a hexagon then subdividing it up into smaller bits to make fractured hexagons. I've no real plan of how far my fabric will go so this project will be an organic one. Given how many of these babies I cracked through in one thrilling cricket match last night I'm thinking i'll have this whizzed up in no time! Check back for pics of my work in progress!