Thursday, 2 May 2013

Crunchy Apple Jumper

It's been so lovely getting back to teaching my classes. I've had a bit of an enforced absence of a few months after my ankle op, but my new crop of classes have begun again in earnest, and it's so much fun! Thank you to all of my students for being so enthusiastic and such fun to teach, lucky me!

Last night my dear MakeClub convened and we had a lovely evening of sewing and chat. After two busy weeks I felt like a bit of simple sewing! This is a fun sweatshirt for my littlest. The jumper is from Jules Olivers new range for Mothercare which, incidentally, is all just lovely - I am very sad my smallest one is in the last size they do. But I snapped up this jumper as we do love a plain item that can be embellished at home! My little person LOVES a crunchy apple so she drew me out one and with a bit of Vilene and simple Perle cotton running stitch last night I had made her a bespoke jumper in a MakeClub hour! Much fun, and v relaxing. Anyway, the sun is shining so I'm off to get my deckchair out and do some homework sewing for my Modern Applique class - such hard work! Enjoy the sun if it's shining near you x