Thursday, 18 April 2013

Wendover Sewing Bee

Sewing Bee : a small informal social gathering based around the activity of making or mending things,
involving a needle and thread.

I'm really excited to let you all know about a new local group that I am hosting called the Wendover Sewing Bee. It's going to be a drop in, once a month gathering of people who love to MAKE! As you'll all know by now, I really do LOVE to sew! But best of all I love to share the love!

The Sewing Bee is an institution that has stood the test of time for a reason, it's all that is best about being creative. The chance to share, learn, chat, be inspired, and helped. Many of my most precious friendships have come about through the special bonds of sharing the inspirations, triumphs, uncertainties and failures.

Sewing is an inherently social activity, we all have busy lives and it's hard to make time. We hope that the Sewing Bee can be a little productive two hour window in your month when you can devote time to something you love to do, guilt free, without having to look at the dishwasher begging to be filled or emptied!

I really hope that, if you are local to Wendover in Buckinghamshire and you fancy it, you'll pop along and hang out with us for a Tuesday morning. If you're new to sewing, coming back to it, or just want to share your project, or hey -  just want to use one of our nice big tables to hem your curtains!

We will be at the St Anne's Hall, on Aylesbury Road in Wendover ( opposite the doctors surgery) on the 7th May from 9 til 11am. Just arrive with your project, we're very friendly, there's lots of tea and Rachel who is legendary amongst my class pupils for her lovely cakes will be on hand with an enticing tuppaware to keep morale high! Keep Calm and Stitch On!