Monday, 4 March 2013 anticipation!

We've had such fun this weekend making Miss Maggie Rabbit dresses in anticipation of the postman bringing the felt to get started on her!

My girls and I have been doing a daily check of this online shop awaiting the release of this pattern and we have been stockpiling little bundles of ribbon and fabric and wool to make her clothes.
Finally the PDF pattern was available and we pounced. The kits sold out in a day, but given my rather large fabric stockpile I didnt think I could really justify the kit! We ordered the felt in the UK hasnt arrived yet!
Miss Maggie Rabbit so far has 3 dresses, each with a matching knitted cape, we're just starting on the boots today after school. Theres probably homework we should be doing instead, but I have a feeling my kids will remember Miss Maggie Rabbit long after they've forgotten how to divide a fraction?!

p.s see the wool balls in the bag in the top picture? I ordered them for the first time from here as I wanted to avoid synthetic stuffing and make them all natural, you know, given she's wearing Liberty  dahling and all! Can anyone advise on their use? I've never come across it before, it smells very sheepy, which is nice but should I worry about lanolin oil coming through the fabric at all?