Thursday, 23 August 2012

The House Quilt

This quilt came about after I saw a similar quilt at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham a couple of years ago. That quilt used a regular sized house repeated in the middle of an all white block, made in different solid fabrics, then heavily machine quilted. I just loved how wonderfully spare it all was, so simple but so much texture. Mine differs in that I got a bit carried away after the first little box house and so I started playing with all of the house shapes that you might have ever drawn as a child. I used a tight colour palate but added in some patterned fabrics, stripes etc for variation ( I definitely lack the discipline of the true minimalist!)
I asked my kids to draw me their dream houses, they drew toadstools and wigwams, It includes all of the houses we've lived in. It was all wonky pieced out of scraps. It was a lot of fun to make. I quilted circles to break up the geometry, I backed it with a little square of each colour in the middle of each block back. I could have kept going and going with this one, but decided to stop at village sized, but wouldn't a long city vista pieced this way look fab? The London skyline anyone, I'm sure its been done?