Thursday, 23 August 2012

Summer Sewing

Well this little blog has been a bit empty of new quilty pictures this summer but that doesn't mean I've not been sewing! I managed to twist my ankle down a rabbit hole on a dog walk on the glorious morning of the first day of the summer holidays and have spent the last 4 weeks in various casts and splints hobbling around! Now sadly that's meant that the computer ( upstairs) has been very neglected, hence the lack of quilty piccies, but it does mean that 4 weeks of foot up rest has been very productive for my quilt output! Ive spent the summer mostly finishing up various projects and i have managed to put a nice dent into the stack of quilt tops awaiting hand quilting! This one I call my Taj Mahal Quilt. Its very bright for me, but was a real push outside of my comfort zone colourwise. Its supposed to be a kind of Slumdog Millionaire/Mathew Williamson inspired hot summer quilt, doesn't it look fab in amongst the lush summer greens of the daylillies?

The fabric is Amy Butler, from the Soul Blossoms Range ( with a bit of Kaffe Fasset too), which you can still get hold of ( its a couple of years old), if not her latest range called Lark is starting to be available in the UK now and is very similar in vibe. I bought a fat quarter bundle with the plan to make bunting originally. It makes knockout bunting by the way - I have strings of it zig zagging my covered porch area outside the back door. I loved it so much I figured I needed to make a quilt too. I made the pattern up as i went along. I used shapes found in Indian and Moorish architecture and appliqued the blocks first. When i started out i was a bit scared of how MUCH pattern there was, so i separated them by using the solid colour backgrounds, but then i got more comfortable with it and I decided on the lush border using small squares on point as it kind of reminded me of a tiled floor? This is a definite example where you have to jump in with both feet and embrace the riot of patchwork! I wasn't sure I would love it to begin with but I really do, its such a perfect summery quilt, I figured you'd enjoy sharing it here.