Sunday, 17 June 2012

The Apple Core Quilt

..........shown hanging in an apple tree.

This quilt is made from a traditional pattern called apple core that is drafted by drawing a circle and intersecting it with another either side to give the basic apple core pattern template. A friend from my MakeClub made this pattern first and I loved it - I had to try it - straight away. Without much pre planning I grabbed this stack of colours that were awaiting a project. It turned out that they were great for this project being big prints and quite clashy, so lots of contrast.

To be honest when it was finished I wasn't sure if it was.........well, really me? It was a bit too bright, even brash, but its a great summer picnic quilt, shows no spills and always brightens the occasion even if the suns not shining on your picnic (which is most picnics this summer!!). Its a great pattern, I will make again someday, wouldn't it be great in red and crunchy apple green?